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Content Marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies that you can use to give your brand a boost. All you need to do is to churn out a couple thousand words every week and you’re done.


Easy as a pie right?


If only!


Content marketing might have become the modus operandi for all the digital marketers, but it only counts if you do it right.

There are a lot of common mistakes that people make in content marketing and if you could nip those in the bud, you’d have yourself a winner.

Mistake 1: Not writing great content

No matter how much content you publish, if it isn’t great content, it won’t be well received. And let’s be frank; no one reading your poor content is much better than people finding out how bad it is. If you’re lucky, Google will bury your result on the 5th page or something, but if people do read it, they’d concentrate on your mistakes rather than what you’re trying to say; and they won’t be in any hurry to subscribe to your mailing list either.

Boosting your content quality should be top priority.

Mistake 2: Redundant content

As much as digital marketers hate power terms like ‘value-add’, fact remains that unless your content doesn’t solve a problem, has a purpose, or answer a question, even the best written piece will get equal results to a poorly written one. If someone is looking for cleaning spark plugs, and you offer them an article about what spark plugs are and how they work, it’s not going to be of much use.

Tagging the right tags and having consistency is of prime importance.

Mistake 3: Selling and not teaching

Yes, the main aim of your content marketing strategy is to increase ROI, but how you go about it is different than simply advertising your business. Focus your content on teaching your readers and not on selling yourself. Don’t even have a call to action or business description till the end of your piece.

You need to establish your brand as someone that knows their business and offers help in that regard.

Mistake 4: Sounding like a rookie

If you’re talking about a field or product, you really need to know what you’re talking about. Place yourself as an expert in the field. How are people going to trust a brand that has no clear idea about the thing they’re supposed to be experts of?

Mistake 5: Dated content

Unless you’re talking about current news or what’s new in your field, you want to go for content that is evergreen. Your content should be relevant today, tomorrow, and even 10 months later. If you tell the people that the moon is the earth’s only natural satellite, it’s going to remain true always. Don’t talk about universal facts, but make sure that your content doesn’t lose relevancy with time.

Mistake 6: The ‘one size fits all’ theory

Using your content on all social media channels is a great idea. However, you must realize that no two social platforms are the same. You need to optimize your content differently for Twitter and differently for Facebook.

Mistake 7: Not using SEO

Marketers are often at headers about whether SEO and content marketing mesh. They do. But SEO here isn’t just about stuffing keywords into your content, but more about using a keyword in the correct form and place and using it consistently, without overstuffing.

Content has the power to change the tide for your marketing strategy; but whether that change works for you or against you is totally up to you.

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